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South Africa

RCM Plastics is proud to be a South African BEE company .

"Proudly bringing South African service, product and technology to the World"

J Reid-Robertson

RCM's frame fabrication is a valuable process that forms part of RCM's overall product and service offering.  The "Framing Division" specialises in the construction of vibrating deck frame structures and the application of vibrating motors onto new and existing frames.

Supplying a wide range of steel fabricated frames is the Frame Division's main goal, boasting the ability of producing precision CNC cut frame parts to compliment.  This division likewise heads-up the repair and refurbishment of existing frames incorporating the best processes within the industry from full fabrication and manufacturing through to repairing existing and painting completed frames.

RCM's Frame Division's Team offers multiple years worth of experience in the production of frames and general steel work across multiple industries, ensuring that each frame is correctly manufactured or repaired accordingly.

 Our exclusive frame production includes

  • Complete vibrating screens including (Front plates, back plates, support beams, stingers, angle iorn or flat bar, mac beams, underpans and the frames.
  • Piping - Black and galvanised pipes
  • Light, medium and heavy grade screw and socket piping.
  • pipe fittings
  • Stainless steel pipiing and fittings (Grade 304/316)
  • All types of valves (Gate, globe RSV, non-return float, Ball, butterfly and air release valves in cast iorn, SG iorn or brass.
  • Structural manufacturing.


Trommels are a screen cylinder used to separate material.  The trommel has many advantages over their flatbed counterparts. The benefits of using a trommel include;

  • Higher level of efficiency
  • Simplistic instillation
  • Cost effective
  • Vibration free
  • Portable Solution
  • Encourage material breakup
  • Ability to process unique materials
  • More effective processing mixed materials

Trommels have been successfully implemented in numerous industries and have thus become essential to others. RCM Plastics frame division are able to custom design Trommels to best suite your requirements.