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South Africa

RCM Plastics is proud to be a South African BEE company .

"Proudly bringing South African service, product and technology to the World"

J Reid-Robertson

Fixing Pins
Fixing pins are used n teh screen deck to fasten the panels into their desired configuration.  The fixing pins are robust and able to withstand the constant vibration and force from the deck and its meterial.

Side Liners
Side Liners are used to protect the side plates of feeders and deck frames, manufactured to various lengths heights and thickness depending on the deck and material.  RCM's side liners are custom reinforced to our clients specifications for speciifc requirements.

Deck Pillars
Deck pillars are used ont eh screen deck to creat a lifted double deck, thus increasing the efficiency of the deck. Pillars are replacable and availablbe in various heights dependant on the material and panels being used.

Screen Dividers
Screen dividers are mainly used to divide material on the screen deck.  These accessories are duftale interlocking and are produced in ranges of 150mm - 300mm.

Carrier Bars (Moulded Panel Accessory)
Carrier bars are used to carry top size material over the deck, thus increasing the cutting edge lifespan of the panels apatures.  The carrier bar also reduces obstructions within the panels apatures.

Spiral Blades
Spiral blades are used to mainly feed or retard materials.  Spiral blades compliment the Trommel panel configuration by either being cast-on or bolt-on applications.