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South Africa

RCM Plastics is proud to be a South African BEE company .

"Proudly bringing South African service, product and technology to the World"

J Reid-Robertson

Non Blinding Modulas

Benefit of minimize pegging and blinding with an optimal cutting edge. The non-blinding panels feature outperforms all expectations. Can be used slot with flow or cross flow. Our engineers are available to recommend apertures to suit required cut-points. Can be incorporated with other features as required. Available in various sizes.


Is Injection moulded (31th & 40th) onto any panel from 20mm to 70mm in height. This allows reduction in velocity and increased retention time. Creates a dead box where there is excessive impact on a deck. Creates a dam for correct medium as well as dilute medium, thus retrieving medium

Carrier Bars (CB):

Is used to help in the event of carrying top size product over, thus improving the lifespan of the cutting edge of the apertures, and not obscuring the apertures on screening.