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South Africa

RCM Plastics is proud to be a South African BEE company .

"Proudly bringing South African service, product and technology to the World"

J Reid-Robertson

Somai, a well established manufacturer of both pneumatic and electric vibrating motors for the industrial and building construction sectors.

Somai consistently pursues its aim to manufacture products and application systems that can meet the growing needs of the global market and the specific requirements of its clients, providing them with the relevant specialised technical support.

Somai products are manufactured and assembled exclusively at the premises in Cisliano in compliance with European regulations and the most up-to-date CE and Atex regulations for safety and quality.

Thanks to the contribution of new technology and the expertise of valuable collaborators, Somai continues to establishing itself on the global market supplying to relevant markets that RCM currently service.

RCM boasts a wide range of Somai vibrating motors and have specialists that are able to both maintain and service the wide range of Somai products.